Thursday, July 30, 2009

10 Weeks

So I have had a great week :) My morning sickness has been there still but sooooo much less, and much more an annoyance than the miserable all day flu like symptoms that knock me out and makes me feel like staying in bed 24/7. So I've also been in a much better mood. I have to say that I am generally in a good mood most days, but when I was sick I was GRUMPY. The person I felt most sorry for was Jeremy cause I wasn't much fun to be around, but all of that is behind me now (I hope) and I continue to pray that this continues and that the baby is doing well and growing right on track.

I always feel so good right after an ultrasound, my stress level goes down cause I know the baby is doing ok, but then as the days pass I start to wonder what's going on in there and how my little teddy graham is doing. I wish I had a window that I could open and take a peak when I needed reassurance! Oh well, I guess this is teaching me the patience that I'll need once the baby gets here lol

So the baby now officially has two parents who are college graduates :)Jeremy is Graduating this weekend so his parents are coming down and will be staying with us for a week. YAY!! We are going to have a blast. We are going to go to a few museums and maybe a Renaissance fair on the weekend, shopping and out to dinner. I of course have been banished to a wheelchair so I'll have to get over my embarrassment.

This week Teddy graham graduates from being an embryo, to a fetus... How exciting! He/she is looking more and more like a little human and is now about 1.5-1.75 inches long. HURRAY :)

The belly this week seems to be not too much bigger but what I am noticing is that it seems to be changing shape, getting firmer and when I look down it does look a little bit weird to see it sticking out like it is. I can now feel the top of my uterus just above my pelvic bone. It's weird, last time it took me forever to find it but now I know what I'm looking for.

Here's some pics for you.


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