Monday, July 6, 2009

The hormones have decided to kick my butt!

So, I am now remembering just how unpleasant it is to feel sick almost around the clock... YUCK!

When I hit 5 weeks pregnant it started and has been getting a bit worse everyday, I always feel on the verge of barfing and yet it hasn't happened yet. I am gagging while swallowing my prenatal vitamins, and no food looks, smells or tastes good. I remember why I lost 16 lbs last time I was pregnant.

I'm feeling as though I could rival the sniffing power of a bloodhound because I can smell EVERYTHING and unfortunately everything smells gross.

Also I am suddenly VERY tired all of the time, I could take about 4 naps a day and still sleep through the night.

Well as much as all of this sucks, I am happy because it means my hormone levels are rising like they should and hopefully everything is going well. I love my baby and I will gladly take this... but I might complain just a little bit ;)


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