Friday, July 17, 2009

8 weeks

So 8 weeks was this last Thursday so time for an update and pictures.
I'm doing ok. I have decided though that is NO FUN being pregnant at least in the first trimester. I kind of feel like a walking zombie to be honest. For some reason being sick has the side effect for me of sucking all emotion out of me. So I feel like I'm walking around a bit numb to what is going on around me. I am also still very tired and just want to sleep a lot.
I've been dealing with feeling very out of control this week. I'm supposed to be taking it easy which means asking for help, and letting others do things I would normally do for myself, like my house cleaning, and as much as I love Jeremy for helping with the laundry it takes him at least 3 days to get through all of it and then another 2 or so days between the two of us to get it all put away. If I was feeling normal and able to do my normal routines, all the laundry would be done and put away, as well as the house cleaned and supper cooked in one day (if I had nothing else to do). So I am having to let go of some of the things I am used to doing for myself...
Also as much as this is an adjustment for me I am very grateful for the people helping me out. My mom and Tiffany have been helping with laundry and cleaning, and Jeremy has been taking excellent care of me and doing a lot of extra cleaning too. I love everyone for the help they have been giving me!
This week Teddy Graham is close to an inch long! How amazing is that? Just a few short weeks ago s/he was smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. I just love it! I am still really nervous about things going well but I can't deny that I also have hope. I can picture bringing this baby home and holding him/her in my arms.
So here are the best pictures from this week...
Me reading in bed and my four kids, Zoe (sleeping with her head on Jeremy's pillow) Oliva and Nimitz curled up next to me and baby Teddy Graham swimming in my tummy ;)

This is my tummy pic from this week, not any bigger than last week so I'll put up more comparison pictures when I start growing bigger again!


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