Tuesday, July 7, 2009

6 weeks today

So here I am finally another week along :)

Not a great morning.... spent half of it bent over the toilet throwing up... hoping that this does not start a new trend because I HATE throwing up.

Also I am so shocked because we took my weekly tummy pics today and I compared to the one we took the day I got the positive pregnancy test which was at 3 weeks + 3 days pregnant and my tummy has shockingly already grown when you put all of the pictures right next to each other! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT. I measured my tummy the day of the positive test, and again today and apparently it has already grown 7 cm... WOW. I've only gained 3 lbs since the positive pregnancy test and I'm pretty sure the 3 lbs cannot alone account for this... is this normal? I promise I was not trying to make it look big either, just standing normally. Maybe I'm just bloated. If I'm this big already I cannot imagine how I'll look in 8 months...

Please leave me comments on what you think!


Tiffany said...

I can't say normal or not...but I can say that I've seen it in other friends who have taken pictures throughout the pregnancy...

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