Friday, August 7, 2009

11 weeks

So here we are at 11 weeks. Everything seems to be going really well,

morning sickness has still been manageable most of the time. Yesterday morning was an exception. I went to breakfast with Jeremy and his family and after eating I felt fine, so we walked out to the car and were waiting for everyone else to trickle out of the restaurant. A few minutes after walking outside I started to get hot, and then started to sweat, I could feel my gag reflex starting to act up, so I ran back into the restaurant and in a public bathroom (yuck) I threw up EVERYTHING in my tummy. I guess little Teddy graham was just reminding me that he/she is still there and kicking.

Also this week my tummy has been feeling very stretchy, just feeling bigger and I have been having a pulling painful sensation that seems to originate from my gallbladder scar that is right by my belly button. it mostly hurts if I sneeze, or move wrong, or for some reason when I am going to the bathroom. I'm going to ask the dr about it but the current theory is that maybe my stretching tummy is pulling on adhesions from my surgery.

Well when we took my picture this week and I compared it to week 9 where I was wearing the same tank top, it has definitely grown :) I've never been so excited to get fatter before... hahaha Well to me it just means the baby is growing and makes me feel more pregnant which is the fun part.

I'm now wearing mostly maternity clothes because I do not fit almost anything from before I got pregnant none of my pants, and most of my shirts look WAY too small. Jeremy's mom bought me a few new things too which is fun. I think I'm still in that stage where people look at me and think... "is she getting fatter? or is she pregnant?" hopefully that passes soon and everyone will be able to tell.

We go for another Dr apt today so we get another peak at Teddy Graham and make sure that my cervix is still looking good. I'll update with the new picture soon.

So here is my growing tummy, another interesting thing is that it is also rounding out more with each passing week. Oh and I can feel my uterus above my pelvic bone now which is fun, I can't wait till I start feeling this little one moving!


Jeremy said...

Dreaded morning sickness dies again! :(

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