Thursday, July 23, 2009

9 Weeks

Here I am at 9 weeks, I can't believe it! Time seems to be going soooo slow and flying by at the same time. Each day seems oh so long but then before I know it I am on here every week giving an update.

This week my one inch long Teddy Graham is starting to wiggle around in there even though I can't feel it yet, and growing nipples and hair follicles... how exciting, plus this week little Teddy Graham will start to develop the parts that will identify him/her as a boy/girl... so one step closer to finding out! If you want to visualize what it would feel like to hold this little one in your hand right now just grab a penny cause Teddy Graham weighs about the same amount as a Penny :) It's fun, I tired it!

Don't think my tummy has gotten any bigger yet, it seems to have exploded around 6 weeks and will probably not grow again until I hit 14 weeks... so funny how that works, we'll see. I put up a comparison picture anyways cause I figured even if I don't look bigger I should add to it every couple of weeks.

Still pretty sick, still very tired, still can't wait until I hit the second trimester and hopefully start feeling better. I am also not sleeping well AT ALL. I've been plagued with bad dreams since the beginning of the pregnancy and they make it hard to rest well at night. Even when my dreams aren't bad they tend to be VERY vivid and feel so real, that when I wake up from chasing, being chased, dancing, falling, jumping... I feel like I really expended the energy it might have taken to do these things in real life.

We have our first REAL Dr appointment tomorrow, I will be getting a physical from the midwife and according to the nurse I will "probably" be getting an ultrasound from Dr Johnson and get to talk to her briefly. I was told she is going to try and fit me in. They will probably try to listen for the babies heartbeat with a doppler, but may or may not be able to hear it because the books say you can start hearing it between week 9-12 and I'll be 9 weeks+1 tomorrow, plus as the midwife said last pregnancy I am a little bit extra "fluffy" ;)

I am very excited to get another ultrasound and make sure that everything is fine. They will peak at the baby to make sure he/she is growing, and check my cervical length to make sure I am maintaining a nice, long, and closed cervix. The baby should have arms and legs by now, so maybe a bit less blobbish... HURRAY!!!


Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see mini-swarls when he and yes, i did say HE is five months and has hair, teeth... or is that after he's born. :P we are going to be best friends. - he and i.

Bounty said...

Congratulation hun! I've just had my little boy 3 month ago. Beeing pregnant it's a great experience and writing a blog it's a lovely idea. When you will finally have your baby you will return here reading what did you do month per month....You are still stuck for names is a great place to search. I'm looking forward to read your next post! J

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