Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Crazy Things My Jer Bear Says and Does!

Story #1:

My morning sickness has been sort of unpredictable. I have had some days that are better than others and some where I am pretty miserable all day long.

Well a couple of days ago I was having a bad day with feeling sick and I was laying on the couch. Jeremy was sitting in chair a few feet from me. I said "Jeremy... can't you make me feel better? Do something!" so he said "I know how to cure you... are you ready?" I said "YES!!!" So he said "ok all you have to do is clap your hands three times" I clapped three times to humor him just in case he really did have a good idea... "then take a deep breath" I took a deep breath... "Then you have to wait for the cure to take affect, so in about 9 months you should feel all better"

At this point I couldn't help but laugh, although I did lob a pillow at him, unfortunately my aim wasn't very good and it didn't even make it close.

Story #2

Jeremy has been so sweet about giving me foot rubs whenever I ask to help me relax before I go to sleep. Well last night when he was rubbing my feet I said "say something nice to help me fall asleep" so he said, "do you want to know how much I love you and Teddy Graham?" I said "yep". He said "If I put a penny in the ocean for every bit of love I have for you there would be no ocean left at all, just a REALLY big hole full of pennies, and if I put a drop of water on the land for every drop of love I have for Teddy Graham there would be no land left just a whole lot of water"

You can bet he got a goodnight kiss for that one! ;)

Story #3

Not related to Teddy Graham but too funny not to share :D Jeremy called me into the bathroom the other day cause he just had to show me something sooooo funny, and this is what I found staring back at me... lol. I ran and grabbed the camera and memorialized the fact that my now 30 year old husband still has a goofy kid running around inside his brain ;) I think it'll come in handy when he's a Dad to our kiddles.

I know it's kind of silly but these are some of the reasons I love my silly, sweet, handsome, lovable, crazy husband!


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