Saturday, October 31, 2009

23 weeks

So I am now less than a week from viability and the good news is that Griffin is measuring big, already at an estimated 1lb 7 oz and measuring at a gestational age almost a week ahead of where he is supposed to be (23 weeks 6 days on the day I turned 23 weeks)

I was supposed to see my Dr (the one who did my cerclage) but at the last minute he was not available, so I had to see a Dr I had never met before. My cervix was still measuring fairly stable at 2.6 which is good, but I REALLY wanted to ask my Dr some questions and since my Dr wasn't there I had to talk to the new guy. He seemed in a big hurry, didn't even come into the room and close the door just stood with my file at the door to talk. He told me that my cervix looked good, and said I can sit upright for longer periods of time now, and go up the stairs several times a day, and take a bit longer than 5 minutes in the shower if I want. I asked if Jeremy could take me out to dinner, but he said no, and then I asked at what point would they consider giving me steroid shots for the babies lungs. He said "oh, you haven't had those yet? I'll order them for next week"

I wanted to ask more questions but I didn't because he was too unapproachable, so I'll ask next week, but I'm wondering why I need the shots if I am not threatening to deliver right away, the shots are most effective for one week after they are given and since I don't want to get multiple rounds if I don't have to I'm not sure what to do. I need to do some research on it.

So for the last few days I've been sitting up more, which has made my feet feel like all the blood is rushing to my feet, it's funny how 1 month of not doing it very often makes feel so weird! Also when I sit up for about 1/2 hour or more I feel a pulling sensation in the sides of my belly like muscles or ligaments stretching which is pretty uncomfortable, and it has been making my back hurt too. So I've been taking it slow and plan on increasing just a bit throughout the week.

I'm still a bit nervous about increasing my activity, but it feels so good to move a little bit more towards normal. I am still taking it very easy, but I have to trust that the Drs know what they are talking about. I still wish I had been able to talk to my Dr. I really trust him to take good care of me, I hope I can see him again soon. Next week I am scheduled with the midwife.

Here are the new pcitures we got of our cute little guy at his ultrasound.

Check out my handomse profile! :) The blob you see above me is my placenta.

another cute profile picture, check out my chicken legs... lol
look at my cute little toes :)

my creepy face picture ;)


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