Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Griffin and his baby dance :)

Before I got pregnant I never wondered about what it was like being pregnant, to me it was just a way to have a baby, and I knew I wanted babies. I never really thought about what it would actually be like to have a tiny human being living and squirming in my tummy.

So here are my thoughts on the subject, now that I've lived it :)

Feeling him move is an awesome, strange, humbling, totally more than anything I ever imagined type of experience.

It is awesome, it hasn't gotten common place or normal feeling yet. It still gives me a smile, and makes me wonder at how amazing life can be. It's still one of my favorite things about being pregnant and helps me feel more connected to Griffin than anything else!

It can be strange. Sometimes it does feel like I have an alien in there ;) imagine sitting there peacefully when all of the sudden your sweet little baby gives your bladder a BIG kick, suddenly I feel a surge and have to squeeze my muscles "down there" with everything I have just to stay dry... lol aww the joys of parenthood starting already... haha. He also loves to kick off the top of my uterus and then use the momentum to head butt my cervix, it is one of the most uncomfortable things he does and sometimes he makes me jump when he does it. Sometimes he gets into a pattern and will do it over and over, so I usually end up changing position and jiggling my belly and telling him to take a chill pill, sometimes it works.... sometimes it doesn't... the little rascal! I can also feel him wiggling around, it feels like I am feeling him snuggle deeper under his covers at bedtime, settling in for the night. Jeremy and I can feel his stronger kicks with a hand rested on my belly. Jeremy says it feels like there is a balloon in there and someone is blowing half a breath into it and then letting it rush back I can also tell when he is awake and asleep which is so weird!

It's also humbling, when I think there is really actually another human being inside of my body. And he is not just any human being, he is our son, he is part Jeremy and part me, he is our son! when I realize that I am giving our son a warm safe place to grow it makes me so happy. It is unbelievable that God has given us this ability to nurture and grow our children I feel so blessed!

It's more than I ever imagined and I'm so happy to be Griffin's mommy!


Lindsey said...

Aww Candiss, I really enjoyed reading this message. I was actually wondering about how that would feel myself and low and behold, you wrote about it! lol I'm so so so happy to hear that you are doing well and that Griffin is healthy and strong, even though he can be a little brat lol I'm so happy to be an aunty and I'm so proud to have you as the mom of my nephew and as a sister-in-law. :) Our prayers are with you both! We love you!!!

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