Friday, October 9, 2009

20 weeks

Yesterday I was 20 weeks... that's halfway to full term!

Our dr apt went well today. I am now allowed to sit up to eat & sit in a recliner during the day. So I can at least leave the bed for a while. The dr says if all is looking good in two weeks he'll give me even more privileges, like maybe walking upstairs to the kitchen to help cook as long as I am sitting down

During the ultrasound today my cervix was an excellent length 3.8cm and the ultrasound tech called Teddy Graham a crazy boy cause as usual he was giving her a hard time and wiggling around! He is such a ham ;)

in other news: today was the first time Jeremy felt Griffin move with his hand on my tummy! I think it freaked him out a bit at first cause he jerked his hand away and said "are you sure I'm not squishing him?" lol but it was wonderful and we were both so excited!!!!!


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