Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No cravings this week

So instead of cravings this week I have been developing a very severe food aversion... ughh! Normally I love meat, love beef, love chicken, love cooking with them, but guess what Teddy Graham has been refusing to let me eat them! First it started out as only beef, then chicken also started to gross me out. It's crazy because it still smells good but if I put it in my mouth I gag. It's driving me CRAZY! I've been eating a lot of vegetarian foods for the last few days and they have been going down much better.

I read about this in my pregnancy book, that sometimes pregnant women get an aversion to meat, and I literally thought "it won't happen to me". But it DID! well no more steaks, or BBQ chicken for me right now, bring on the fri chick and grillers lol :)


Jane said...

Welcome to the pregnancy frontier! To go where other women have gone before. You will go where Teddy Graham will lead!

Anonymous said...

mom is crazy

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