Friday, August 21, 2009

Awesome Dr Apointment

So I don't think I have been this happy since I found out I was pregnant. Today was so emotional for me. We went in for our ultrasound and they couldn't find Teddy Graham's heartbeat with the doppler right away so she did a tummy ultrasound and I am so glad we got to see it! There he/she was waving hello to us, I couldn't believe it... then the baby did a little dance and jumped around for us. I felt like my heart would explode with happiness and I just burst into tears... I don't know why but seeing that little life in there doing well and growing (look how much bigger he/she looks) and MOVING! We never got to see that with Gabriel so it was a first. I am so happy and grateful, to God and to Jeremy for giving me this wonderful gift. I just can't explain how I feel, it's overwhelming. During the ultrasound Jeremy just had the biggest grin on his face and he got me some Kleenex for my big crocodile tears and gave me two big kisses... he's so cute!

Also I had questions for the Dr today. We talked about the progesterone shots which she says I will be starting at week 17, I'll be going into the clinic for my shot once a week. Also I asked her about the gasping thing I've been doing and she said "it's just nerves" I told her "no it's not" so she said "well, do you catch your breath right away after you gasp?" I said "yes" she said "then don't worry about it" She is so matter of fact about everything it's funny. I also asked her about this weird pressure I've been feeling and she says she thinks it's normal. So that's good too.

My cervix is still looking good and everything is going well, I'm floating on cloud 9 tonight!

So here is our little one, who you will notice has left looking like a gummy bear behind and has now moved on to looking like a little alien! Still the cutest alien baby I've ever seen ;) In the first pic the baby is waving hello. The head and face are at the top and you can see the babies arms and big round tummy, isn't it cute?!?!?

Now in this one you can see the face again and the arms and legs. This picture has also sparked a debate...notice the little white spot between the legs... boy parts? or not? We'll be getting our anatomy scan at 20 weeks so sometime in October, we'll probably find out the sex then... but it's still fun to guess.


Jeremy said...

I vote boy, but the pics are too grainy to be conclusive... I can wait till the 20 wk 4-D one ;)

Anonymous said...

a second the boy motion

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