Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Griffin's Second Month

Griffin has grown an amazing amount in the last month. He is getting bigger everyday, he know weighs 11lbs!

One of the newest things he has learned how to do is stand with all of his weight on his legs. Most of the time he just needs me to provide balance for him. Other than that he takes all of his weight. He can hold himself up for quite a long time too 2-3 minutes at a time. He actually really loves to stand like this and often if he is being fussy it will calm him down for a while, at least until he gets bored of it.

Laundry is just as crazy as ever, mostly because Griffin is still a lean mean spit up machine. He still spits up all the time, in fact he and I both routinely experience the joy that is a spit up shower!

Griffin's Aunty Tiffany is one of his biggest fans and spend lots of time with him. She has also learned how dangerous his bodily fluids can be. She went to kiss him this week and ended up with spit up all over her face, and later in the week she was undressing him for me so I could change his clothes and once he was undressed she was bouncing him on her leg in his diaper. She didn't realize that there was poop in there so squish right out onto her leg. She is such a good sport though because after the screaming stopped… lol she always still wants to hold him again :)

Griffin definitely knows who his mommy and daddy are and calms the best when one of us is holding him. But another interesting thing is that I swear he already misses his daddy when he is gone at work. When Jeremy gets home every night one of the first things he wants to do is hold Griffin, now this makes Griffin VERY happy. Daddy gets lots of smiles and coos. Then if Jer has to go do something else he will pass Griffin back to me and Griffin will just get so mad, he starts to cry and pout and in General just continue to be fussy until daddy can take him again. It's the cutest thing!

Diapers have gotten better, he doesn't pee the minute I take his diaper off anymore. Probably only a few times a week now which is so much better than a few times a day. He doesn't get as mad about his skin touching the diaper change pad and getting cold. He used to cry almost every time he got his diaper changed and now he only cries if he is really tired or hungry. He also has decided that he only needs to poop every other day, which doesn't sound so bad except that when it does happen it is insane… blow out time! The last time it was his poop day he filled one diaper and then 5 minutes later filled another one, and then while I was changing him, every time I would get him cleaned up… oops, here comes some more. Well at least it gives me something to laugh about!

Griffin also has a predictable fussy time just about everyday, it usually starts around 7 or 8 pm and lasts until around 11pm when Jer gets home. Usually I can find something to calm him down but then about 5 minutes later He's not happy again and I have to try something new. One of the things that works really good is sitting with him in our recliner/rocker and rocking as fast as I can… funny thing is even if all appearances tell me he is sound asleep if I stop the rocking or slow it down to much he will let me know how displeased he is with me!

I've gotten him onto a pretty good sleep schedule although he is still only sleeping only about 3 hours between feedings at night he is spending most of the night in his own bed. Now he goes to bed about midnight and doesn't come into bed with me until about 7-8 in the morning and we usually sleep until about 9 or 10am.

Nursing has also gotten much easier, he latches on like a pro now! So that does make life a little less frustrating!

Griffin is smiling up a storm now. He loves to be talked to and when he is in a good mood he is making really good eye contact. He will also "talk" to us now too… his favorite time to do this is when he needs to complain about something, lol. He is just making sure we know all about it! But I must say that when he looks right into my eyes and gives me a big smile.. My heart just melts into puddles!


Patty said...

Love this picture! He is too cute!

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