Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So today, I had so much fun with my little Teddy Graham! We went to Erik's house to hang out and because Erin wanted to cook all of us dinner. While Jeremy and I were waiting our turn to fill our plates, I reached over and teasingly gave his earlobe a little tweak. So he very dramatically jumped and said "OWWWW". Erik of course wanted to know what happened, so Jer said, "someone tweaked my ear". At this point I of course jumped in and said, "well it wasn't me, who could it have been?". Jeremy looked at me and grinned and said "I wonder who it was..." I said "well, I must admit it might have been my arm but really it was all Teddy Graham's doing. Teddy thought it would be funny and who am I to refuse my baby, Teddy's just being a little bit mischievous" Jeremy chuckled and said "oh I guess the baby told you to do that with ESP huh?" I said "yep" and shot him a look I hoped was totally innocent.

Later when we were leaving we talked about Teddy Graham in the car and Jeremy decided that he/she needed to be punished for telling Mommy to do such a thing to his ear, so he turned to my belly and said in a loud booming voice "listen up Teddy Graham, this is your daddy, I just wanted to say that for your punishment you are grounded for the next 9 months, so stay put!" I burst into laughter and said "I know our joke earlier was funny but, you had better listen to Daddy now".

I hope our baby heard us tonight, stay put my sweet little Teddy graham, sleep tight Mommy and Daddy love you!


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