Monday, June 29, 2009

How life has changed so far?

So I am lucking out so far, not too many symptoms. I am hoping and praying that my morning sickness is mild this time. Last time I was SOOO sick for about a month starting sometime between week 5&6.

So far I've just been dealing with slow digestion, which has got better after I instituted my morning breakfast plan. This includes oatmeal, dried fruit, and activia yogurt. So far it seems to be working well which is a relief cause I was a bit miserable earlier this week.

I have been taking vitamins every day. Something I have always had trouble remembering in the past, but since we started trying to get pregnant I have not missed a single dose. I think it's because it is so importnant to me that this pregnancy be as healthy as possible and it's just one little thing I can do to help my little Teddy Graham grow big and strong!

Another interesting symptom is an awarness I have developed of my tummy. It is a slightly uncomfortable feeling that just makes me aware of it when I otherwise wouldn't be activley "feeling" my tummy at any one time. I now this sounds weird but I felt the same thing with Gabriel. This feeling also gives me a very strong aversion to pressure on my tummy which means:

#1: although I have not grown out of anything yet I can hardly wear any of my clothes because they are not loose enough on my tummy. I've been living in sweat pants and the few elastic waisted skirts I own.

#2 that Oliva has been banned from walking on my tummy, a rule she has yet to fully accept. She will litteraly sit by me and put a paw up on my tummy as if to take a step, then I take her paw off and say "no" I swear you can almost see her frown, and then she stares at me for about 10-15 seconds and tries again. The longest this has been repeated was 10 minutes before she finally decided to just lay down next to me instead. CRAZY CAT!

Another adjustment that we have been making is getting used to my list of do's and don'ts. These are things that have been suggested to me to reduce my risk of have premature rupture of membranes and preterm labor again.

Th don't list includes:
No swimming or baths
No walking for an extended period of time
Avoid lifting over 10 pounds
Avoid stairs as much as possible
No nightime loving... poor Jeremy

The do list:
Take extra folic acid, a cranberry tablet to prevent UTIs, fish oil for Omega 3 acid (helps with brain development)
Take prenatals everyday
Drink lots of water
Eat as many fruits and veggis as you can
Rest when I am tired

So life has definately already changed a bit, can't wait to see what comes next :)


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