Friday, January 15, 2010

34 week update

To start with a Picture of my growing tummy! :)

Hi everyone,

The good new is Griffin and I have reached 34 weeks. It feels like such a big accomplishment! If I can make it just a few more weeks Griffin will NOT be considered premature if he is born... now that will be AWESOME!

The bad news is that the past week or so I have been fighting with lots of contractions again... BOO! They are coming mostly in the afternoons and evenings and usually 3-6 an hour. I was in labor and delivery once this week for a shot to stop them because they got to be a bit too close for comfort and almost went in again last night but decided to wait it out a bit and luckily they did space back out and I was able to go to sleep.

The Dr did not seem as concerned about the contractions as I thought she would be, just told me to take my contraction meds every 3 hours instead of every 4 if they start getting to close together. So even though I tend to be a worry wart I am trying to relax and leave this all in God's hands. When it's time Griffin will be born so I'm trying to trust in that.

I am also getting much stronger contractions now, which make me stop in my tracks and breath through it. They are getting painful too... so another boo for that one. It is interesting because I'm already finding out things that irritate me when I am trying to concentrate on getting through one. I had to tell Jeremy, do not talk to me and ask me questions while I am having a contraction... also the other night I had one and he was touching my hand so lightly it tickled. After the contraction was over I told him that's a no no too! lol... I wonder if these will be the same things that will bug me when I am in full blown labor.

Griffin is still looking good they did a quick ultrasound today and we saw him practicing breathing... you could see his chest rising and falling it was such as sweet sight! He also looked REALLY big today... that head of his is starting to look a bit daunting as the day of his escape draws closer ;) It's funny because before the ultrasound he was moving like crazy and then during she was trying to get him to move and he was just sleeping and ignoring all of the belly pokes. She ended up getting this little tool that makes a loud buzzing noise a bit like an alarm to wake him up... he was not happy about it!

The plan is currently to take my cerclage out in two weeks baring unforeseen circumstances and he will probably come soon after that... the day we get to meet him is getting so close and I am so excited! I can't wait to see what he looks like and find out what it feels like to hold him in my arms after all this time of carrying him around in my tummy!

the count down is on! :D


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