Sunday, November 29, 2009

Griffin's favorite new way of saying hi :)

So Griffin's favorite new way of saying hello is mashing his body parts into the walls of my uterus, how is this different than kicking you might ask? well, what happens is I feel this immense pressure if I put my hand down to my belly I can feel a body lump right under my skin. Usually I think it's his butt, but sometimes his back and it feels like he is trying to push his way out. He will usually keep up steady pressure for about one to two minutes, and if I press my hand there and rub, he will usually roll away from me, like "mom, leave me be!"

Tonight was so weird I felt his butt (I think) abut 3 inches above my belly button I put my hand on the lump and bounced it a bit to see what he would do, and it was sooo weird every time I pushed down I could feel his head hitting my cervix, this totally woke him up and then he stated wiggling like crazy, yeah he makes me laugh!


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