Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Here I am at 15 weeks. This has been a HARD one. I'm glad to be at the begining of a new week (in the pregnancy) and hope this one goes smoother than the last few. Let me just say that being sick is SOOOO not fun, and it's worse when you're pregnant because you can't take the medication you normally would, you're worried about the baby, and your immune system is not as strong as it would normally be so you stay sick longer!

The sore throat continued to be a struggle for most of the week. I lost alot of sleep because the pain of swallowing in my sleep would actually wake me up and then I wouldn't be able to fall back to sleep. I finally called my OB and went in to be tested for strep throat. It came back negative so I was basically given some over the counter medications I could use and told to rest and wait for my body to fight off the Virus. One of the meds I got was a throat spray that was supposed to numb your throat, but it didn't go well, the second I sprayed it in my throat I knew it was bad idea, and out came all of my lunch UGHH.

Well finally my throat statred feeling better. Yesterday my throat was actually feeling pretty much normal. Something funny about being sick for so long is that, I would swallow and still be waiting for the pain, and then I'd be like ahhh I'm better now, big grin. It's wierd when swallowing without pain is wierd to you lol

Anyway, just when things were looking up they went downhill again. I had been dealing with some pretty bad diarrhea since tuesday. Then yesterday morning when I woke up I ran to the toilet with the runs again, half an hour of clutching my tummy in pain from the cramps and letting it all out ;) I felt a bit better. Jeremy woke up and got me some cereal, while I was eating pain in my upper abdomen started. Kept getting worse. I thought maybe its gas, so I took two gas x and laid down for about an hour. By the end of the hour the pain had only gotten worse and I was in tears. I know I got my gall bladder out, but it totally felt like a gall bladder atack.

I put a call into my OB and they told me to go to the ER. So when we got there they took my info. I told them I was only 14 wks + 6 days pregnant but my last menstral period was April 27 (I have polycystic ovary syndrome so you can't always predict my ovulation based on that for me) then a nurse came and got me, took me back to a room and took blood pressure ect, then someone came with a wheelchair and told me they were taking me up to labor and delivery to be checked out.

So they take me up there and have me get undressed ect, then leave me in the room for about 15 minutes, then a nurse comes in and says, sorry we have too take you back down to ER because youre not far enough along to be up here.

Apparently they didnt listen to me and looked at my last period date to determine how far along I was instead of listening to how many weeks I told them I was. So they take me back down to the Er.

Finally the ER Dr comes in to see me, he asks me questions and says they are going to do some labs and go from there. He said right away that my symptoms seem to be stomach and bowel related not baby related so I felt a bit better.

A few minutes later someone came in to draw blood and start an IV. I asked if they really needed to start an IV and he said that they always do it when they draw blood just in case. Ok... so he tries on my right arm near the crease by my elbow, and couldnt get the vein, dug around for a few minutes, nothing. Pretty uncomfortable but I was handling it. So he pulls it out and gets another needle, now he goes for the back of my right hand…. OUCH it felt like bee sting when he stuck it in there and again, he couldnt find the vein. Kept digging with me writhing in pain and saying ouch, ouch, ouch and eventually I started to cry… I couldnt help myself, it hurt so bad! I finally said PLEASE STOP, youre hurting me. So he finally pulled out the needle, and then my vein blew and my hand started getting this throbbing knot the size of a quarter and about 3/4 inches tall on it.

All this time he has said NOTHING! Not Im sorry Im hurting you, are you ok, nothing. So now Im thinking who is this guy and I glance at his name badge… and guess what it says? It says student paramedic!?!?! WHAT? No one told me he was a student or asked me if it would be ok for him to do this. I was so mad. He didnt even say anything about my hand and what was happening he just got up and started to walk out of the room. I had to stop him and say, is this normal for my hand to be swelling up like this? He said oh dont worry your vein just blew… So I said ok, now what. He said I'll go get your nurse.

I just bust into tears when he left. I was still in pain in my tummy, and this guys comes in and adds to my pain and injuries. I know they have to learn on someone, I just wish I had been told and given the opportunity to choose. I really hate needles and I would have preferred someone who knew what they were doing. Anyway, after that a new person (not a student) comes in to draw blood and put in the IV she did it on the first try with my other arm within 30 seconds. SO much better!

Then we basically waited about 1 1/2 hours for labs. By then I was feeling much better and wishing I had just stayed home. They came back and told me everything looked fine and they dont know why I was having pain. So they sent me home. I still don't have any clue what the pain was all about but I'm just glad it is GONE! I know Teddy Graham is still doing fine because his/her heartbeat is nice and strong on my doppler and no bleeding or cramping in my lower abdomen, but still yesterday was a rough day!

Other than that nothing too much new this week, I have just been trying to get better and rest as much as possible. Here's hoping for a healthier week with no pain or dramma.

right at the end of 15 weeks is when my water broke with Gabriel, so I'm a bit nervous this week. Please keep hoping and praying with Jeremy and I that this baby will be strong and healthy, have a strong and healthy amniotic sack and that this little one will make it home with us!

So here are my pics this week, my tummy continues to grow... I know some people worry about getting bigger while pregnant and gaining weight ect, but I just love the fact that my tummy getting bigger means the baby is getting bigger... HURRAY little Teddy Graham is growing leaps and bounds and is already about 4.5 inches from head to butt, then add arms and legs :) how quickly they grow ;)

Bare tummy pics... getting a bit rounder :)


Jane said...

Love the belly!!! Go Teddy Graham! I'm also praying for a peaceful week!

Anonymous said..., Candiss, I"m glad you are feeling better...that the sore throat is past!!! Yaaay! I can't use numbing spray either. BTW, liquid Children's Tylenol always made our kids "urp" (you may want to note that--could be you the clean up and have an alternative handy)

Also, in regards to yet another bad stick experience: from now on, be proactive with your admitting/ER nurse. Assume you will need blood drawn and tell your admitting/er nurse right off the bat that you have VERY bad veins and should you require blood work, you insist they get their most experienced and expert person on it (stress: since this is the one who ALWAYS ends up doing it anyway...start with this person first)--period. They can choose who they want! But they're only getting one try!(BTW, honey,don't ask if they need to do it--it's safe to assume they are working on dr. orders or stand. hosp policy. From now on, work from a point of strength.TELL them what you want and need! Coming across as a victim sets you up to be victimized by the system again. I know you've got a nice stiff backbone, girl!! :-)Time for Mz. Nice gal is past! Consider it boot camp for the coming "terrible twos"!!!) :-)

Mom in AB said...

I hm having trouble figuring this identity out....I am the anonymous above! lol

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